Food Plots

Bill BrownGrowing up in one of the greatest whitetail deer hunting states, Michigan, and hunting here since I was legally old enough, I know the habits and habitats of Michigan deer. Not a controlled enclosure, but real wild roaming Michigan Whitetail deer. I have hunted public land, private farmlands and even the deepest of swamps in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

I earned my bachelor of science degree in Wildlife Biology from Lake Superior State University, and I also earned an associate's degree in Forestry from Michigan Technological University. These two degrees enable me to look at your property from a different perspective. I understand the natural food sources, the soil, the topography, and much, much more. For me, analyzing habitat and helping better your hunting property is key. We'll work together to create food plots where you want them.

A combination of my school and my own hunting experiences give me the ability to pass my knowledge on to you. I can develop hunting strategies for you to improve your success. I can evaluate your current set ups to see what you could change to get the big bucks in a little closer. It is more than food plots or bait that make a successful hunter. Understanding the species you hunt (their habits, their defenses, their behaviors) is what really separates the successful hunters from the occasionally successful hunters.

More great food plot photos to come!

Food Plot Photos